Its amazing how fast computers are now-a-days. Unfortunently, operating systems and user applications have grown with them so the improvement is not as noticable.

     My previous server, Gateway, used to be a 12 person Counter-Strike server. Since my leave of the dormatory life, resulting in the loss of a fast internet connection, the server had been recommissioned as a router, firewall, mail server, DNS server, and web server.

     By today's standards, the hardware is ancient but it met all my processing needs and still had cycles to spare. Unfortunently with my moving on to other fields, I have since had part with the server. This page is more for posterity than anything else at this time.

CPU AMD K6 @ 200MHz
Memory 160 Megabytes
OS Linux 2.4.26
DECchip 21140 [FasterNet]
RealTek RTL-8139
3Com 3c905C-TX
D-Link DFE 530-TX+