Where to begin...

     The Predatory network started when I received an old Bay Network Synoptics 24 port 10bT managed hub. This thing was loud, large and by todays standards, SLOW. After figuring out the intricacies of networking Windows For Workgroups and getting drivers loaded for MS-DOS, I was amazed by how fast the game ran compared to gameplay over a NULL Modem.

     Other than LAN parties, nothing much happened until the summer before I started at University of Oregon. I was introduced to a mod called Counter-strike by some high school friends and became hooked. Upon moving into the dorms, I discovered that I had dual T3's at my disposal. So I did what any person would, brushed up on my UNIX skills and started a HLDS.

     Over the months, the server grew in popularity and the next year I added a second server to the family. Unfortunently, the following year someone at the housing department advertised a little program called Kazaa to all the new students and the school bandwidth quickly went to nil. None the less, my servers were still pulling several gigabytes per day by the end of the year when I pulled the plug and graduated.

     Sadly, only dial-up service was available to my home at the time, reducing my internet presence to a webpage. (BTW, thanks Torgie for hosting it.) With highspeed available, the webserver is back up and eventually the game servers will follow.

     If you are wondering how I came to the domain name thepredatory.net, I originally wanted predatory.net. At the time I was going to purchase the domain, ICANN was about to allow independent registers to register domain names. I waited until this happened but some &#@%ing company decided they wanted to sit on the name until someone was willing to pay the $1500, that's right, $1500 for the name. Needless to say I wasn't willing or able to pay that amount so I appended the and have used that to this day. As a side note, the domain predatory.net still remains unsold and I hope from the bottom of my heart that those blood sucking @#%$@! never earn a cent off it.